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‘But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith…’ – Galatians 5 vs 22

Hello Beloved in the LORD Jesus Christ, how have you been? I bring you a very important topic this moment. This is one question many individuals who don’t understand the Gospel of Grace ask. They say, as Believers, must we keep on sinning, mustn’t our lives exude good fruits, of course our lives should and must exudes the fruits of the Spirit, but I come to show you how. Be Blessed.

Firstly, I must begin by saying this; The Bible called it FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT and not WORKS OF THE CHRISTIAN. – Selah. Many have not realized this. It’s called fruits of the Spirit. In other words, those good works we read above in our opening scripture down to the verse 23 are works the Holy Spirit produces in the Christian, and not what the Christian does because he is now a child of God. You see? It’s a life of rest. – Selah

Now, we get that the fruits if the Spirit as it implies, are the precious fruits the Holy Spirit bears in the Christian. Look, it’s simple. As the word goes FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT, they are the fruits the Spirit of God produces in the Christian as a proof of HIS presence in the Christians life. It has nothing to do with the Christian; bearing these fruits is not the responsibility of the Christian but the Spirit. – Selah.

I have heard Christians say, Ah, I am not humble, I have to be humble; Ah, I am not patient, I have to be patient; Ah, I am not kind, I have to begin to be kind. And much other stuff like these does Christians say which are all wrong. Such statements are signs and symptoms of works. The moment been humble becomes a thing of effort, it’s no longer fruit of the Spirit but WORK OF THE CHRISTIAN. The Spirit Himself ought to bear fruits of humility in the Christian all by Himself, such that; the Christian just finds out he is humble and getting more humble by the day. None of his efforts, he just finds his life going in that direction, because it’s the Spirit working not him. – Selah. You see? So the moment a child of God feels he has to become more caring or more loving, he takes the power to himself, and even though he practically and deliberately and cautiously begins to show care and love, it’s still not the work of Grace, it’s still not the fruit of the Spirit, but works of the flesh. Such Love, such Care, such Humility and so on is not accepted by God. You know why? It will constantly and continually fail, and the Christian will keep making up his mind to produce these fruits in his life because man in the flesh is programmed to lice in the flesh and not show forth works of the flesh, but it takes the Spirit in a man to produce for him and in him the fruits of the Spirit.

As the word goes; FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT, it simply means that the fruits belong to HIM not us! Stop trying to have what does not belong to you, but allow the owner of the fruits to display them in your life. – Selah


Let’s see what the Bible says;

‘How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?’ – Hebrews 9 vs 14 {KJV}

Do you know what this is talking about? O God! It says that the Blood of Jesus has purged our conscience from dead works. Do you know what that is talking about? Conscience there speaks of our hearts/our spirits, and dead works means the works of the flesh. Therefore it says that the Blood of the LORD Jesus Christ has cleansed us from the works of the flesh. In other words, God has taking away from us the ability to hate, the ability to keep malice, the ability to lie, the ability to be unclean, the ability to kill, the ability to think evil, the ability to be selfish, it means that God through the Blood of Jesus disarmed us the abilities to work evil works. O Glory to God!! It therefore means that we have to see ourselves the way the WORD sees us. This is what we must do to see the Spirit manifest HIS fruits in our lives.

Dearly Beloved, when it seems you are becoming too selfish with your stuffs, don’t say, Ah I need to become loving, no! You can’t by your strength. Instead, keep recognizing that you have been purged of selfishness by the Precious Blood of Jesus, declaring to yourself thus with your mouth; I (Call your name) have been purged of selfishness, no no, it’s impossible for me to be selfish because the BLOOD took it all off! By thus declaring, you make provision for the Spirit of God to show HIS love in and through you. And over time, you find out how loving you have become. Not that you ensured it, no, but because the Spirit was working it out in you. – Selah. May it seems to you that you are becoming very in-submissive and proud, don’t say, I have to make a change and become humble. No, you can’t brother! You can’t sister! But by acknowledging the WORD over your life, declaring that pride and all such things have been purged out of your spirit by the Blood of Jesus, you give space to the Holy Spirit to work in you HIS works. Suddenly, gradually, your submissiveness and humility will be made known to all. Not because you ensured it, but because the Spirit was working it out in you. – Selah

This is it! This is the principle. It works for any case, be it malice, fornication, envy, jealousy, hatred, lust and all of the works of the flesh. By acknowledging and declaring that they’ve been all washed out from your spirit by the Blood of Jesus, you give room to the Spirit to produce the good fruits in you.

Therefore Beloved, know this day that FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT are not your works, they are not what you work, but they are the works of the Spirit, they are the Characters of the Spirit, they are HIS behaviors, and they are what HE works in HIS children. By giving HIM room as I have taught you, you will see HIM manifest them in your life, no responsibility on your part.

When you work, God rests and watch you as you fail again and again! But when you Rest (Upholding the TRUTH and staying your mind on it), God works (Manifesting HIS Righteousness and Grace in you).

God Bless You.
- Pastor Jenning Uweye

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