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'There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.' - 1 John 4 vs 18

Hello Beloved, how are you today? I am believing God that all is well with you in soul and body. This message is a brief excerpt on the effects of fear in ones life, an expository on what fear would do in you if let it in, and how to expel fear from your life. Read, listen, and be Blessed. AMEN.

From our opening scripture, I love us to cut out a statement there, which is; '...fear hath torment.' We are told that fear has torment. Therefore, that leads to the question, what will fear do in me?


We just read from our opening scripture that fear has torment, meaning, fear torments, meaning when there is fear in a man's life, he gets tormented by his fears (not the devil). - Selah


According to dictionary dot com, it says, 'To afflict with great bodily or mental suffering.' You see that? So torment is an affliction. Therefore, fear inflicts suffering on the one harboring it.


When one is fearful or afraid about a particular thing, that fear suddenly begins to culture THOUGHTS in that ones mind, and those thoughts are the very torments. For example, when someone is given a report by the doctor that he has cancer and is to die in 3 weeks, and he receives such report, at once fear gets into him. As a result of that fear, thoughts begin to arise such as this, 'O, is this how I'm gonna die? O my wife! O my children! O my academics! O my ministry! O my money! O my wealth!' You see? All such things begin to arise in his heart, which are the very torments. As those thoughts continuously strikes his heart, sleeplessness steps in, headaches come in, then suddenly, depression sets in! It was just cancer, but now the case is complicated. Why? Fear! - Selah


When fear steps into a man's life, he is tormented by it as we have just understood above, then after a consistent time of yielding to the fear, the ailment or the thing that brought fear inside of you gradually begins to manifest in you.

This is a true story of two (2) men who went to the Hospital for Cancer test;

'The Doctor ran the test on both of them, while the test result came out, the doctor mistakenly gave the reports to these men. One had cancer, while the other didn't. So when the Doctor came to them, he mistakenly gave the one without cancer the report of the one with cancer, which stated that he had cancer and was to die in 2 years; while he gave the man with cancer the report of the other without the cancer, which stated he was free from cancer.'

Guess what? This man who was without cancer, just because he had received a report from the qualified doctor that he was cancerous, even though he actually wasn't cancerous because the doctor made a mistake in issuing the reports, it made no difference, fear gripped him, he was heavily distressed! He was so fearful because the report says he was gonna die in 2 years. Even though that report wasn't for him, since he never knew that, he was afraid! Even the doctor at first didn't know he had given these gentle men the opposite test results. This man was tormented by his fears, thoughts upon thoughts on his mind, and guess what, he died after two (2) years just as the report said. Note, he wasn't the one with the cancer, he only received the other man's test report as a result of the doctor's mistake. Now, this other man who was actually the one with cancer, who received the report of the man actually without the cancer lived and kept on living even after the two (2) years was past. Yet, the cancer was right in his body. Amazing! - Selah

Do you know what I realized? I found out by the help of the Holy Spirit that sickness don't kill men, only fear of sickness does! Diseases don't kill men, only fear of diseases do! - Selah

Do you know what? If there wasn't a mistake from the Doctor in given those men their test results, the man without the cancer would have lived because there was nothing to fear, and this man with the cancer could have died after the two (2) years. But since the result told him he was free, the cancer couldn't find legal grounds to manifest itself. - Selah. This tells us that sicknesses and diseases work 100% with our fears. Uhmmmmm. Even when the Doctor's expertise saw that the man with cancer was to die in two (2) years, because the man didn't receive the report, it didn't come to pass in his life; yet an innocent man who received the report of what he did not have died of it. Waow.

Sicknesses are spiritual. - Selah

Brothers and Sisters, my Dear friend, we must see how powerful fear can be in the negative direction. Little wonder when an Angel appeared to any man in the Bible records, they always started with 'Fear not'. Even Jesus, he always rebuked fear, HE always told then 'Fear not'. - Selah

'But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.' - Matthew 14 vs 30 {KJV}

This is the story of Peter walking on the sea to go meet Jesus who was walking on the sea. At first, Peter walked on the water (verse 29), but notice here, the Bible made it clear by saying, 'when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid, and began to sink. You see, the moment fear stepped into his heart, thoughts arose which opposed his faith, and immediately he began to sink, even though he was right before Jesus, it made no difference! You see, fear processes death! - Selah

What are you afraid of today? I remember someone who said, 'I have not slept at night for about a week now, I think these are threats of Insomnia and I'm so scared of this because every night that comes by, I am so frightened. And I said, that's the very reason why you can't sleep, because your fear has inflicted torments on your mind, your fears have changed the programming of your mind to accept it no longer has the capabilities to sleep, hence the whole body has switched to that programing. When I was through instructing him from the word, that night he slept! Glory...

When will you start accepting God's word as SO and Reality over your Health and Lives circumstances? - Selah. Look at me, if you accept 1 Corinthians 11 vs 24 that HIS body was BROKEN for you, if that word has truly found root in the four quarters of your heart, you will be cool when sickness tries your faith. As a matter of natural process, it will be impossible for you to accept that that sickness is breaking your body because it has so dawned on you that JESUS' Body was broken all for your body to be well. Therefore you are cool! Whether the Doctor says it's cancer, tumor or HIV, you are just cool because beyond just knowing, you understand deeply why HIS broken was broken. - Selah

'...through knowledge shall the just be delivered.' - Proverbs 11 vs 9 {KJV}

You see that? What do you know in the WORD about your health? What do you know in the WORD about that issue? Once you get to know that Jesus actually took all your Diseases and ailments on His body (Isaiah 53 vs 4 and 5), when that word gains root in your heart, you begin to say, 'All my sicknesses and diseases were imputed on the body of Jesus, I know this, therefore, I am delivered from this infirmity, therefore, I am well and not sick, I shall live and not die!' Boi, this is the good fight of faith the Apostle Paul talked about in 1 Timothy 6 vs 12;

'Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called...' {KJV}

You see that, by such declarations, you lay hold on eternal life. That is the fight of faith, whereby you strengthen and establish your faith through violent and earnest confession and declaration of the WORD inside you. By so doing, you take a hold on eternal life, hence, fear is expelled from your heart. It gets to the point where you know, you just know something has changed, and thanksgiving automatically just come out of you through your mouth, and peace is felt in your heart.

My Dear Friend, your problem is that you don't MEDITATE on the Word of God. That's why. How could I Jenning be troubled by a Doctor's Report? That's certainly not me because I don't know what I'd be doing in an Hospital in the first place irrespective of the symptoms I feel. I am talking like this affirmatively because Isaiah 53 vs 5 has become flesh in my body, and all my system have re-adjusted to function that way. I'm telling you. No matter the symptom, Isaiah 53 vs 5 remains the Reality in my Heart. How could fear attack such a man? How then can he be tormented by fear? If so, how can he die of fear? My friend, start meditating on the word, so much that it gets you shouting, so much that you can't eat because what you've just found out has over taking you so much that you can't just be yourself. It's that type of meditation I'm talking about.

Give no room for fear! - Selah

Every door and window of your heart should be occupied with truths, so you can stand in the evil day, that day Satan tries your health, that day Satan tries your job, that day Satan tries your house hold. - Selah

'And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.' - Hebrews 2 vs 15 {KJV}

You see that? He says as a result of their fear of death, they were subject to the bondage of death. Meaning, if there was no fear, there would have been no bondage. My Dearly Beloved in the LORD, the fear of cancer will subject you to the bondage of Cancer! - Selah. The fear of Insomnia will subject you to the bondage of Insomnia! - Selah. The fear of Diabetes will subject you to the bondage of Diabetes! - Selah. Whatever it is you fear about, will surely be the case in your life. - Selah

'Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.' - Ephesians 6 vs 16 {KJV}

Fear is one of the fiery darts of the wicked! When something seems to go wrong, Satan projects fear into your mind. That's a fiery dart thrown at you. Now, he says, protect yourself from that dart of fear with the shield of faith. What does that mean? When the Doctor says you have Cancer, Satan throws fear at you so that you can receive it, hence suffer from the cancer. But you say no! You begin to fight the good fight of faith, how, by contending with the WORD in your mouth. You begin to talk scriptures, those scriptures you've buried deep down inside your soul in meditation will begin to pour out of you, you begin to say, no, the Body of Jesus was broken for this very cause, that nothing breaks my body again, in the name of Jesus, I am well and perfectly alright! You begin to vomit Isaiah 53 vs 4, you begin to say, He has borne my griefs, he has carried my sorrows, therefore, this thing is a mirage because I am well. You begin to say things like this, If Jesus did it, nothing can undo it. Waow! Suddenly, you find out that thanks giving begins to flow from your heart through your mouth, suddenly joy has stepped in, suddenly there is a miracle. Hahahahahahahah
ahaha. O Glory to God. I am so excited about this. You see why you must be full of the WORD? - Selah

There's someone reading this Article from Canada, that Cancer has just left you. Go for a test tomorrow and find out God has healed you. Bless the name of the Lord for HIS goodness and unspeakable gifts. Write me personally at and share your testimony of healing.

My Dear friend, I know you have been blessed by this teaching, let this message guide you in working out your long awaited miracle.

Expel the FEAR, Expel the Darkness!

GOD has Blessed You.
- Jenning U. Angel

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