Friday, December 19, 2014


'My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations...' - James 1 vs 2

Dearly Beloved, take advantage of this word, and come out of depression and fears. AMEN.

In our opening scripture, God is instructing us to consider it all JOY when divers troubles come our way. These troubles includes sicknesses, weaknesses, distresses, diseases, threats, divers health conditions, suffering, challenges, and so on. In the midst of all this, God says, count it all joy. Waow.

I began to ask the LORD, why joy? What is it about joy that we should express in odd times? And the Lord began to talk to me. He began to open my eyes to the reality of the Scriptures.

Brothers and Sisters, the battle is already won! That sickness was long laid on Christ, that disease you are faced with was long laid on Christ, that infirmity, that health challenge, that problem was long laid on Christ on the Cross. Therefore, God instructs His children to unleash their joy amidst these things, God wants His children express laughter over those circumstances because they are all a mirage, they are not real, they have no foundations, they've already been defeated in Christ Jesus, therefore consider it Joy! O Hallelujah!

Child of God, you must come to the Reality of the written word, you must acknowledge the word of God as truth. The Bible tells us that the body of Jesus was broken for us (1 Corinthians 11 vs 24), therefore, when sickness comes attacking your body, hahahahaha, count it a thing of Joy, not a thing of fear or depression, but a thing of joy, why? Because the sickness is not real; the condition is not real; it is simply a mirage coming as a test on your faith whether you know what was done for you in Christ Jesus. Therefore, knowing that Jesus bore your griefs and your infirmity, you just unleash your joy without restrain, and that is one classic way of proving your Faith in the WORD, when you are joyful amidst awful circumstances. - Selah

'Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.' - Isaiah 12 vs 3 {KJV}

The wells of salvation speaks of the TRUTH of God's word. Therefore he says, with joy, you draw water, meaning, you obtain the manifestations of the written word. You see that? So no matter what the WORD has promised you, no matter your inheritance in the WORD, without joy, they will not be manifested realities in your life. That's what that scripture is talking about. With joy, shall you draw water out of the wells o salvation. - Selah

Dearly Beloved, UNLEASH your joy. When the WORD has become your only option, no matter what comes your way, you don't consider them, but you are joyful because of what the WORD has said concerning that situation. And by so doing, you begin to draw water! O Glory to God. And you know something about water, it quenches every thirst, it sets out every fire. And that will just be it in your life, the divine health scriptures have assured you of will begin to come real in your life, divine provision the scriptures have assured you of will begin to take course in your life.

My Dear, this I say again, UNLEASH YOUR JOY.

God Bless You.
- Pastor Jenning Uweye


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