Friday, August 08, 2014


'And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue...' - 2 Peter 1 vs 5

Hello Beloved, this is a quick charge, just to inspire you in a direction. Be Blessed and Highly Lifted.

From our opening scripture, we are instructed by the Spirit of God to add virtue to our faith. Meaning, when we get born again, God wants us to add virtue to our lives. What is HE talking about?  

Firstly, the word 'add' as used in that passage comes from the greek word 'epichoregeo', which means to Nourish. In other words, GOD is saying that there are certain attitudes we can cultivate, to give nourishment, beauty, to our lives and existense here on Earth, and Virtue is one of those awesome characters we can cultivate. Virtue speaks of Quality, it means Excellence. So God is saying, add Quality and Excellence to your life.

Beloved, be excellent! Don't smell! When you get up from sleep, paste your mouth thoroughly, wash your tongue inside out, clean your teeth properly. That's Excellence. Don't wear squeezed clothes! Before you dress up on a cloth, iron it properly, secure the gator lines, make everything sharp. That's Excellence. Don't leave your face with pimple all over, address it! Maybe by having your bath thoroughly, eating the right diet, cleaning dirt from your face regularly, or whatever, just address it. That's Excellence. Don't speak slangs everywhere in every place, no. That's not virtuous (Excellent) enough. Don't forget who you are no matter where you are. That's Excellence. Don't wear dirty shoes! Clean and polish your shoes before putting them on. That's Excellence. Don't manage a cloth that has a tear! No matter how little the tear is, amend it before wearing it. That's Excellence. Don't eat by the way side whether standing or walking along the road, or sitting somewhere exposed, that's not Excellent enough. We are kings, there's something Royalty about us. Don't manage wearing dirty clothes! If it's dirty laundry it. That's Excellence. Don't squeeze money, that's not Excellent, that's not virtuous. According to the English Dictionary, virtue  means to be excellent in morals. You see?

You may be surprised, asking yourself, does God really care about all these? Yes HE does! HE put it in His word for us to see that HE does cares about it, because we are Heirs, Kings in Our Kingdom! HE's the Great King, we are His Great Kids; HE's in Heaven, we're still on Earth yet to come home to meet HIM. Hence, His heart is panting after us just like a mother over her kid that is currently not with her, just to ensure that we are living well and in accordance to what and who we are in HIM. You get? Don't you get we are Royalty? - 1 Peter 2 vs 9. A whole lot of Angelic body guards all around? {Hebrews 1 vs 14}, Hallelujah!. Be Excellent!

God Bless You.
- Apostle Jenning Uweye

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