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 'For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellors there is safety.' - Proverbs 24 vs 6

Beloved, this is an expose to why Samson the great Judge of Israel fell. God Bless You. 

Samson was a man of great strength, a man of immeasurable might, but his life was chattered, his life was ripped off, not necessarily because of a woman called Delilah, but because he lacked counselors. Samson neither had divine counselors which speaks of Angels, neither did he have physical counselors which speaks of friends.

Our opening scripture tells us that in a multitude of counselors, there is safety. Here, we see that safety is tied to counselors.
Brothers and Sisters, Samson was not the only Judge which emerged from Israel, there were many other Judges of which Gideon was one of them, and these Judges all had angelic encounters, where they were told what to do, the plans of the enemies, and God's plans for them for victory {Judges 6}. It seems to me that Samson was the only different Judge in the Bible. Why? Because his ability, his might was a gift, it was his hair {Judges 13 vs 5}, so he didn't see any need to be counseled neither to pray because in as much as he was concerned, he could manifest when he wanted even after committing fornication with prostitutes which he was known for {Judges 16 vs 1}.

Brothers and Sisters, spiritual gifts are one of the greatest deceptions the church has ever known in this Generation. Result is not a proof of support. That you are having result is not full proof that God got your back. It was never said of Samson in the Bible that he prayed, only at the last triumph when he prayed to God saying, 'Only this ones, let me die with the Philistines. ' {Judges 16 vs 28 - 30}. Outside that, Samson never had a prayer record in the Bible.

Samson was an anointed man that loved strange women (prostitutes) {Judges 16 vs 1}, he was a divine vessel that practically lived in immorality, and we saw the effect of that upon his life, it disconnected him from the voice of the Spirit, even an Angel did not visit him to warn him of the dangers ahead, and that was the major problem he had, no advisers, no counselors! Gideon succeeded because God was always with him through an Angel, telling him what to do and what not to do, but Samson's case was different, and that was his trouble. This confirms our opening scripture which says, 'For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counselors there is safety'. You see?

Child of God, what is that thing in your life that hinders people from telling you the truth? What is that thing in your life that scares counselors away from you? That very thing whatsoever it is, be it a bad character or a wrong discipline, is preparing a very big trouble for you

You need a counselor, you need counsels, wise counsels. In that business you are about to start, who has counseled you? How many counselors have counseled you? Or in that marriage you are about to get into, have you been counseled on marriage life? There is safety in counsels (wise counsels) says our opening scripture. Maybe you could consult your Pastor, your spiritual leader/leaders, your Parents, or someone/people in the position to dish out wise counsels. Even God, the Great King, our King, the Bible records that He has Twenty-Four (24) Elders sited on thrones round His throne. {Revelations 4 vs 10}. Who are Elders? The word Elder speaks of wisdom, not grey hair. Meaning God has wise men sited around Him, even when GOD Himself is the custodian of Wisdom. Who then am I to think I can do it all by myself?- Selah

This was my comment on this topic in a certain Forum;

'Through out the Bible that talks about the life and times of Samson on Earth, it was never recorded that there was any time he was counseled, neither was there any time it was recorded that he prayed unto GOD save the only prayer he prayed at the last point of his life where he destroyed the building and the people. What can we learn from this?

1- Let not your strength and abilities lead you to think no one else' opinion counts, after-all you're wiser and stronger. Probably friends must have counseled Samson concerning Delilah, but he didn't yield.

2- Never be too capable in life to the point where you don't need GOD, lest problems makes that a mandatory for you just as Samson.'

God Bless You.
- Apostle Jenning Uweye


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