Sunday, April 23, 2023


'Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits...' - Psalm 103 vs 2

Dearly beloved, how come you are troubled and distressed by a situation that God has delivered you from before? - Think about it

Our opening scripture admonishes us to not forget God's benefits - God's benefits as used here simply means the things God has done for us.

Are you in a situation in life right now that causes you distress and pain? You ought not to be discouraged; rather you should remember how God delivered you from that same situation in the past. - Think about it. So in a time of distress, a Believer should call to remembrance how God delivered him from such situation the other day! When you remember that God has delivered you from that situation before, that remembrance strengthens you to stay in faith in the present, trusting God to do the same for you again! - Think about it

These are what you should call to remembrance when you are faced with a painful situation in life:

  1. How you were in pains over the same situation some time back; how you suffered
  2. How the Holy Spirit comforted your heart with the word of God
  3. How you endured with the pain in your heart
  4. How you trusted God to deliver you from that situation
  5. How you wanted to be free from that situation - how you so wanted to be free from it
  6. How God sent that exact Word to your heart that freed you
  7. How the miracle happened
  8. How it all looked like a dream that you were free from that situation

Beloved, call these things to remembrance! As you do so, you will see faith, hope and strength spring forth in your heart, and you will be fully assured that you will be free from your present distress. Calling to remembrance how God did it before after the manner that I have listed to you above drastically diminishes the size of your present challenge, such that in your present pain, you have joy! Hallelujah! - Think on this

Dearly beloved of God, don't be distressed over a situation that God has delivered you from before; always remember how He delivered you the other day! Refuse to be distressed by a situation that God has delivered you from in time past, forget not His benefits!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen.

- Jenning U. Angel


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