Wednesday, March 18, 2020


'Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.' - Psalm 127 vs 3

Hello Dearly Beloved. This is a question many have asked, they want to know if children are gifts from GOD to man; what about the children gotten out of fornication, are they also gifts from GOD?, seeing that the means that resulted in their coming is sin. Hahaha. Okay it's a simple discussion.

Personally I have looked into this issue, and I came to a realization that children are a reward to a couple who are married. This will show you why the act of fornication displeases GOD, because it bridges natural orders which GOD has set in motion. - Selah

So, yes the two persons committed fornication which is sin and their fornication resulted in pregnancy of which a child came. Yes. But you see, the order at which that child came is the order of an heritage, GOD already made it that when two couples come together, they get a gift which is a child, so GOD warns against illegal coming together. So when two (2) people come together illegally, though they came together illegally, but they got the gift. So two offenses are involved here; the first is fornication, the second is theft. So the child is still a gift, but the parents obtained that gift by fraud. - Selah. You see...

So therefore Dearly Beloved, having understood my insight of this subject, we clearly see that every child is precious, special, unique, and a gift from GOD irrespective of how they came. Let them not be aborted simply because they came as a result of fornication or rape; the process at which that child came might be fraudulent or inappropriate, or improper, yet the child is still an heritage of the LORD. You see...

I believe this subject has being properly addressed and treated.

The Grace of GOD be with your Spirit.
- Jenning U. Angel

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