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'I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee...' - Luke 15 vs 18

Hello Dearly Beloved in the LORD JESUS. This Word which I now share is a Prophecy which the SPIRIT OF GOD inspired in my Heart to speak to the People of GOD. Be instructed and refreshed in your Spirit. GOD is with you.

Mind you, our opening passage is the story of the son who is popularly referred to as 'the prodigal son'. And like I told you in my previous teaching on this Blog, GOD never called Him prodigal, it is the judgement of men, having read about Him and His deeds, called Him prodigal; so, that name is as a result of the judgement of men and not GOD. Okay. It's important to note that He was a son of the Father and not a servant/slave, He was actually a son, though went astray, but the important note is that He was a son. Very important to note. Now see what He said to Himself on a certain day in that "far country";

'I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee...' - Luke 15 vs 18 {KJV}

He made up His mind to return to His FATHER, He was resolute about it that He would return. Uhmmmm. Now the LORD has asked me to speak to the Church: The LORD says to that Believer who has gone far in the ways of this world, that Believer whose life and cravings are after the lusts and evil corruptions that are in this world, the LORD says to you "RETURN"! HE'S calling out to you, HE'S reaching out to you to come back to the Fellowship of HIM, HE is sending out HIS Love to you, HE is reaching out to you because that's what HE does; the LORD JESUS declared that to us in the Parable of the lost Sheep {Matthew 18 vs 12 - 14}, how that the Shepherd left the 99 that went not astray, and went after that one that went astray. You see, that Parable was to reveal the Nature of GOD (Love) towards us HIS Children. So we see from that Parable that one of the attributes of GOD'S Nature is to reach out to the Child who is lost. HE even does this to the world, how much more to HIS own. - Selah

There might be something you need to know: Many Believers only know of the Eternal Salvation GOD gave to us in CHRIST JESUS, but a quite large number of us don't realize that by reason of Salvation in CHRIST JESUS, we were called into Fellowship with the FATHER (JESUS) by HIS SPIRIT in us;

'God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.' - 1 Corinthians 1 vs 9 {KJV}

There is suppose to be a continual and endless communion between the Believer and HIS FATHER (JESUS). How does a Believer participate in that fellowship?, by the increase in the knowledge of the Word (By Studying His Bible consistently and being present in Bible teaching meetings); by consistently Praying in the Holy Spirit (Praying in Other Tongues) and finding Himself in Prayer meetings with fellow Believers. When this is your attitude Beloved, the hold of worldliness and desire to do evil will be broken and lifted off your life, you will find your life going in the direction of GOD'S Will continually. - Selah

So, not only has GOD given to us "Eternal Salvation" in CHRIST JESUS, HE has also called us into Fellowship with the LORD JESUS by the SPIRIT. And as we Fellowship with GOD by HIS SPIRIT, that's when our Lights begin to shine, and so shine before men, fulfilling Matthew 5 vs 16; because as we grow in the Knowledge of the Grace of GOD, we walk in Love better [our Light shines as we walk such]. As we give ourselves to the Ministry of Prayer, Praying in Tongues always, we give GOD opportunity to speak to us, and communicate Wisdom to our Hearts, and by that we walk even Excellently in the Earth and with men, all men [that's our light shinning]. You see?! - Selah

There are many Believers today, that if Believers were to be arrested for being Believers, they won't be arrested, because there won't be any evidence enough to convict them that they are Children of GOD. What a sad case. "Return says the SPIRIT OF GOD." "Come back to Fellowship, even the Fellowship which GOD has called you into with your SAVIOUR, JESUS. Return.", says the SPIRIT OF GOD.

GOD has Blessed you.
- Jenning U. Angel

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