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And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. - Mark 16 vs 15

Hello dearly beloved in the LORD JESUS. Greetings to you from GOD our FATHER, and the LORD JESUS. AMEN. This Word which I now share with you through this Article is targeted by the HOLY SPIRIT to bring to you a cautiousness, a kind of knowledge as concerning Evangelization, which will set you on course actively in the same. AMEN. Sit back and read. Thank you. You will do well if you share this Article on your Social Media Networks also to help reach a wider audience. GOD is with you. AMEN.

Now, our opening Bible passage is the command which we have received from the LORD JESUS, to go into all the world and preach the Gospel of the KINGDOM to every Human race; and there are many Believers today who love to participate in this (Evangelization), but they don't seem to be active in it, for some, they say they don't know how to go about it. Really? then there must be some few things you have to know and realize, and I think and believe GOD that this knowledge will push you into active participation in "World Evangelism" like never before. AMEN. Now see this;









Every human being in the Earth comes under one of these categories of life. Now see this beloved, how do we go into all the world and successfully preach the Gospel unhindered as instructed by the LORD? it is when the Believers understand this, that we cannot be in every mountain of influence all at the same time, hence, any of these categories we find ourselves in this world means that we have the responsibility of reaching out to the people in that sphere of influence. - Selah. For an example, the Pastor/Man of GOD is under the category of "Religion", where He uses the instrumentality of the pulpit to minister the Gospel; you many not have that calling on your life to operate in a ministry gift,  but you sure have a family where you have a spouse and children: the question is, have you preached the Gospel to your family? - Selah. Okay, you don't have a family yet, but you are into entertainment, and by reason of that, there are personalities that you have the opportunity of meeting, which that Pastor/Man of GOD don't have, reason be that He is not in that Mountain (Arts &  Entertainment); and many of those persons may not be "Church goers" as they call it, so the Man of GOD may not have the opportunity to reach them with the instrumentality of the pulpit, but you see them in person regularly by reason of you both been in the same mountain of influence: that means, you are the right man to bring the Gospel to that kind and category of person. The question is, have you done that? - Selah. There is the "Education Mountain". You are a student, and by reason of that, you have access to students and lecturers, and school staff. The Believer who is a business man, does not have this opportunity to minister the Gospel to students by reason of the Mountain of Influence where he is, He only  has access to fellow business men, so such a Believer is not the right man to minister the Gospel to Students and Lecturers, it's you who is a Student (The Mountain of Education) that has that privilege. Now the question is, have you taken advantage of that opportunity to bring the Gospel to the men (Students and Lecturers) in that same mountain with you? Have you done that? - Selah

So you see, GOD has placed us in different categories of life, and expects that we reach out to the men in the category just where we are. If we act this way, the world is just too small a place to be evangelized; if the Believers take their place in this Light, we would cover the Earth with the Gospel of the LORD JESUS CHRIST before satan realizes. Now we have a Category there called "Media", and today almost every youth finds themselves there, actively. Now, what are you doing with that privilege? do you realize that you are able to read this Message right now because someone called Jenning choose to take advantage of the Media mountain of influence to reach the World for the LORD JESUS CHRIST. You can do the same, yes! Many of you have Five Thousand (5,000) friends on Facebook social media network, and what you do with that instead is to post stuffs that have no Gospel relevance, and thousands of people read through it, and possibly all you achieved from that was that you made a large amount of people laugh. Why not start getting that large amount of people Blessed? why not start having that large amount of people have the opportunity to find GOD through your Gospel writings? - Selah. You see...

So if we take our place and proclaim the Gospel of our Blessed LORD JESUS in every mountain of influence of this world that we find ourselves from time to time, truly we will be the Agents of Salvation that we really are because the Gospel will penetrate every corner of the Earth, and all men will have that blessed opportunity to hear the Gospel of the Goodness of GOD. Get your mind made up, and set out on this sail of World Evangelization in the mountain of influence where you are identified in. And do you know what, it is easier for us to participate in World Evangelization when we do it in our various and respective mountains of influence. There are some world celebrities I love so much, yes! and I pray to GOD many times that I receive the opportunity from HIM to meet with these folks and share the Gospel with them. But do you know that there are Believers today who have that access to these same guys, by reason of them being in the "Arts & Entertainment Mountain" of life, it is easier for them to walk into these persons. The question is, will that Believer speak up at once when He walks into them? or He will just let them pass? - Selah. Just know this day, that there are certain persons that only you have the best opportunity to reach for the LORD JESUS CHRIST by reason of your placements in life; hence don't fail the LORD, speak up, speak up at once, be that Agent of Salvation that you are. Hallelujah!!! GOD is Praised.

'And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD'S.' - Obadiah 1 vs 21 {KJV}

That's us! "Saviours", Agents of Salvation.

GOD has Blessed you.
- Jenning U. Angel


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