Wednesday, July 05, 2017

CHRIST: OUR LIFE *An end to your shame*

‘When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.’ - Colossians 3 vs 4

Praise the LORD. Hello Child of GOD, how have you been? I trust the Goodness of the LORD towards you an your household. Be Lifted and reassured of your Salvation by this piece of edification. GOD Bless You.

Our opening passage is very inspiring. It says when CHRIST who is our life. Now notice, the word ‘who is’ as used there is written in italics, which means that that particular construction of word or words were not used in the original rendering of the speaker, but was used to make the sentence more constructive and sound proper. But you see, the translators didn’t realize GOD does not make mistakes with the use of HIS Words. So if we will read it and given originally, it says When CHRIST our life. You see that? That tells us something wonderful, here we are informed that CHRIST is our life. Boiiiiiiii. Hallelujah! Do you know what that means? Hold on, wait a minute, if CHRIST is your life, o my goodness; if CHRIST is your life, it means you have a perfect life because CHRIST is the very expression of perfection, beauty, Righteousness and Holiness.

There are many Believers (GOD’S Children) in the world today looking for solution to their shame. By reason of some mistakes which they have made in the past, they feel their lives are useless, they feel they have a messed up life, and this guilty feeling of shame really hurts, and this condition has brought displeasure into everything they do or are engaged with, they don’t enjoy life, they try to smile but there is no Joy springing from their innermost being, they Believe in JESUS; infact they are GOD’S Children, but they have made a big mistake they regret, they wish they never and didn’t do what they did, and shame has come into their lives. But this is the Word of the LORD to you today, you have a perfect life, CHRIST is your life. GOD says to you today to start to see yourself from the angle of CHRIST, see your life through the lens of GOD'S Grace. When you start to see your life through the lens of GOD’S Grace which says CHRIST is your life, at once, all your shame will be gone because the Bible tells us that HE (CHRIST) took our shame and our sorrows {Isaiah 53 vs 4}, and that Grace is actualized when we see our Lives from HIS point of view of us.

Listen to this, the moment we know that this is how GOD sees us (Perfect because CHRIST is our life), the moment we realize how GOD sees us and what HE thinks about us, Peace comes into our lives. Physically, when a Dad promises to beat up His child for a wrong He has done when He returns from work, when the child hears His Dad has returned from work, there is a fear that comes into Him because He knows the state of His Dad’s mind towards him, that it is to discipline Him. But if having done the wrong, the Dad ignores it and keeps up the smile and Love with Him, there is no fear in that child, instead He is inspired to love the Dad more and avoid that mistake from happening again. This is an highlight of our relationship with GOD, the state of our lives is determined by our knowledge of the state of HIS Mind towards us. If you see GOD as an avenger of your sins, that’s what it will seem to you not because that’s what HE actually is; but if you know how GOD sees you, that HE sees you from the stand point of the Grace of HIS SON JESUS, then you will experience HIS Peace because in reality, GOD sees you as one with a Perfect, Righteous, Holy, Loving, Kind, Forgiving, Precious and Good Life because GOD sees CHRIST as your life. Therefore say this with me, 'I have a Perfect life, my life is Perfect, CHRIST is my life.' Hallelujah!

GOD Bless You.
- Jenning U. Angel


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