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'If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.' - John 8 vs 36

Hello Dearly Beloved in the LORD Jesus Christ, I bring you God's word at this point, which is specially targeted to all my Brothers and Sisters who are currently depressed with the thoughts of suicide as a result of the absence of hope to come out of the predicament they've found themselves. Please note that this message may not make sense to you, but if read by those whom it is meant for, it will do a lot to them and make them free. So please, help me share this word on all your social media networks, who can tell if you may just help bring the message to that very person at his very point of need. God Bless You. AMEN.

Our opening scripture is a Hope-filled statement dispensed by the LORD Himself. HE said, if HE makes you free, you shall be indeed free! O Glory! Now this is the hope you have lost, this is the question you ask yourself amidst your dilemma and awful circumstances;

'Can GOD bring me out of this condition? Can I ever be free? Yes I know mistakes are normal, but this one I have done is for a life time effect, Ooo why me? Isn't this mistake I have made gonna last for a life long sorrow? Ooo I am so young, how can I live all my life with this pain? Oooo, I am just 47, how can I lice to be 60 carrying this pain and regret all along? Ooo I am just 19, how can I grow to be 100 with this pain? Oooo I am damned for life! And the next thing, painful pressures arise from the inside of you, which gives you thoughts of suicide.'

O No Brother! O No Sister! You can be free, yes! GOD can bring you out of it, not just it, but any issue whatever it may be, GOD can give you back your Peace and restore your Joy back to you.  HE is the Prince of Peace. - Selah. Just follow me. But we must note this, that the reason for the many suicides we see in the world today are chiefly as a result of pain, heaviness, that point when a man cannot phantom hope for a come out of that situation, and he cannot imagine that he's gonna spend the rest of his life (long years) with that pain in his heart; therefore the next thing satan brings to his heart is 'take your life', and he we hear the news of another suicide. But Beloved, you can be free because the Lord has already promised never to leave you nor forsake you {Hebrews 13 vs 5}, and HIS word is not a lie. HE will bring HIS word to pass in your life and you will find rest inside. AMEN.

Now considering our opening scripture, how can HE make you free? In that same Chapter from the thirty second verse, the answer is revealed;

'And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.' - {KJV}

Now the word 'know' as used there is translated from the Greek word
, and ginosko means 'awareness, to be aware, to have knowledge', and the awareness or knowledge it is talking about is translated in the Greek as , which means 'recognition, acknowledgement.'

Therefore what does that scripture actually depict, it actually says that the acknowledging of the Truth shall make you free. So it's not just talking of just merely knowing it, but acknowledging it, considering God's word as Fact! It's Just like you acknowledge the Fact that you are a human. It has gone past been the truth, but been a FACT. - Selah

Now my Brother, my Sister, the Peace of GOD is found in the acknowledgement of Scriptures. There are certain things you just come to acknowledge, and weights just drop from your heart. It's like every body who went to a particular party suddenly began to panic because those who ate of the food served in the party are dropping dead, nobody knows whose turn it is next, when you just realized you ate nothing in that party, you find out that you are at Peace amidst the panic around you. Same it is with the Word of GOD. Now note what Jeremiah says;

'Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?' - Jeremiah 23 vs 29 {KJV}

Now notice, it says God's word is like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces. Oooo, what is that trouble you have fallen into, what's the distress that seems unmovable, what's the trauma you are battling in your mind that seems like never gonna go away forever? How rocky is it? How strong is the rock? God's word, breaketh the rock in pieces! Hallelujah! Take note, it says the rock. Meaning, anything that stands as a rock. Rocks are known to be the hardest molar substances on the face of the Earth, that's why the Spirit made use of the word Rock to make that description, just to let us know that the strongest of our troubles can be taken down by a word from GOD! Notice the scripture didn't say 'are not My words as  a fire', but said, 'is not my word...'. That's a single term! Meaning just one word from GOD is what you need to be set at Liberty from whatever it is you are currently going through that seems unmovable. Hallelujah!

Now, let's get Practical. I'm gonna give you one (1) Truth from the Scriptures that you can acknowledge right away and receive Peace immediately. Yes, I'm gonna be giving you right now. Today is your day.

'My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations...' - James 1 vs 2 {KJV}

As few as the lines of this Scripture appears, it's so powerful. Now one may be wondering, how can it say one should be joyful when he is faced with troubles? How possible is that? You know what, it's impossible! Yes. Then how then can we be joyful in the midst of distress as it has said? How can it be in our lives? We suddenly find Peace in the midst of troubles when we suddenly realize that the word already informs us that Christians do fall into divers troubles. You see? The realization of the fact that God already informs us that we will fall into divers troubles, into diverse kinds of mistakes, divers kinds of errors which we can regret, the realization of that springs up Peace in our hearts, knowing that no new thing has happened to us. - Selah

I love how the Bible in Basic English (BBE) Translation puts it;

' Let it be all joy to you, my brothers, when you undergo tests of every sort...'

Two words noted there. The first is the word when, which denotes that falling into errors, mistakes and troubles is a sure guarantee. The second word noted there is the word tests of every sort. It says every, meaning the question of I shouldn't have made this mistake, ooo this shouldn't have happened to me is ruled out, knowing that it has been written concerning us to fall into every sort of distress. - Selah. So when you fall into troubles, when you are faced with distressing circumstances, just recognize them as the fulfillment of what has already been written concerning you, receive Peace and move on. AMEN.

Receive Peace now and be at Rest.

God Bless You.
- Jenning U. Angel

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