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'For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.' - Romans 11 vs 29

Hello Dearly Beloved in the LORD Jesus Christ, I am certain that through this piece of Revelation, the minds of many who are depressed and kept in the bondage of fear will be set at liberty. AMEN.

As Believers, we go through a lot of trials in this life, and sadly as a result of ignorance, many Believers have been kept bound in their minds by the deceitfulness of the devil. It is important to note that satan's only way of getting his things done are through lies and deception; so he goes around telling lies everywhere, and getting men to believe in his lies, hence he keeps them in bondage.

Now, let's be practical on this. When a Believer sins or does certain things which are not in compliance with the Righteousness of God, satan comes quickly hoping to find a way to keep that person in bondage of fear of guilt as a result of his lack of Revelation of the Word concerning the issue. For example, there was a certain beloved sister in the LORD who had committed fornication, not willingly, but some how it happened. Now, this beloved sister was endowed with the Prophetic gifts, she had the ability to see into things she hadn't known before. Now she began to be in fear, because she began to have thoughts in her mind that she had lost that precious gift which she received from the Precious LORD to the devil. That was the devil at work in her mind. Now, the only way out for this sister to come out of that fear and heaviness is to know from the Word of God if God takes back HIS gifts from HIS children when they sin, and also whether the devil has the right over a Believer to steal anything from him. - Selah

Looking at our opening scripture;

'For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.' - Romans 11 vs 29 {KJV}

We will review it in two (2) distinct Bible Translations to get a clearer view and light of it. Let's see the Weymouth's New Testament [WNT] version;

'For God does not repent of His free gifts nor of His call...'

Let's see the World English Bible [WEB] version;

'For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.'
You see it? So we can get from these translations that the Gifts God gives are irrevocable by HIM. In otherwords, HE doesn't change HIS mind concerning the things HE gives to us, and our sins are too incapable to make The Almighty break HIS infallible Word. - Selah

On the other hand, does satan have the right over Believers to steal from them? Let's see. But before I talk on this, I would like to inform you of the big lie satan goes about saying to people. Just the way HE came with Scriptures at the Blessed LORD Jesus Christ in the wilderness, likewise he goes about revealing John 10 vs 10 to these folks, giving them a conviction that since he came to steal, kill and destroy, he has the authority over them to steal from them. And maybe the fellow rebukes him saying, I am in Christ and you have no power over me, the devil replies them saying, how can you who are in Christ sin? Is it not written that he that is born of God cannot sin?' And because these fellows have a poor knowledge of the Gospel, to give in to believe him, and their heart begins to fail them for fear that they have lost a precious gift from God. This was the case of that Beloved sister. Uhmmm

But Beloved, you have to recognize that it's only when one is declared guilty of sin, that's when satan can attack lawfully and legally;

'...him who makes a hole through a wall the bite of a snake will be a punishment.' - Ecclesiastes 10 vs 8 {BIBLE IN BASIC ENGLISH}
You see that? The King James Version says 'whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.' Now, the Good News of the LORD Jesus Christ is that Jesus has made an everlasting atonement for our sins {Hebrews 10 vs 14}, that means that when we sin, no hedge is broken because the price for every hedge we are ever gonna break has been paid for. Therefore, no hedge is permitted to break anymore. It's just like someone who breaks the phone of someone, and is made to pay for it. Then someone comes and says, I am gonna make a payment of 10 years on account of any phone my son is gonna destroy for the replacement of it. These two (2)  folks are different. The first one is made to pay for his offenses, but the second, in-spite of his offense, there is never room for punishment, he never pays until the 10 years for which payment was made comes to an end. But not with JESUS, HE made an eternal payment for us, therefore the serpent has been put out of office eternally, he's been put out of power over the Church forever. Hallelujah! This was what that sister needed to know to be lifted out of the fear and pain in heart.

Hallelujah! JESUS is wonderful. Thank you LORD. O, I'm so glad and full of Peace. HE made all things well. Glory to HIS Name forever. AMEN.

Lastly on this topic, I want to show you one more Revelation;

'...I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.' - Matthew 16 vs 18 {KJV}

Did you note the underlined word? SHALL NOT PREVAIL. That must mean that all soever the devil must have told that Beloved sister were lies. - Selah

If he tries or plots an attempt to steal anything from the Believer, he shall not prevail. If this is true, then rejoice and be at Peace. God won't take your gift, neither can the devil steal it. All your sins have been paid for, therefore you incur no punishment for them. - Selah

God Bless You.
- Pastor Jenning Uweye

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