Tuesday, December 08, 2015


'Not of works, lest any man should boast.' - Ephesians 2 vs 9

Hello Dearly Beloved in the LORD Jesus Christ. I bring you PEACE from GOD our Father and from our LORD Jesus Christ, to whom be glory now and forever. AMEN.

Give credit to HIS Grace. Our opening scripture informs us that our salvation came not of works. And the implication of that is that, no man can boast of HIS been saved, you cannot give the credit to your works of righteousness, you cannot give the credit to your uprightness, you cannot give the credit to your discipline, you cannot give the credit to your principles. Therefore, we as Beloved Children of the FAITHFUL and TRUE, ought to give the credit to HIS Grace that found us and washed us eternally that we might escape the fierce wrath of GOD that is soon to come upon the world and its children thereof. - Selah

I want to show you now how to give credit to HIS GRACE. Be Blessed;

'This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.' - 1 Timothy 1 vs 15 {KJV}

This was the Beloved Apostle Paul talking, and I want you to take note of his writing. Please notice the underlined word there, of whom I am chief. 'I am' speaks of a present term reality. The Apostle didn't make this statement when he was yet unsaved, no. But he made this present-term statement when he was already washed by the Precious Blood of the LORD Jesus Christ. It therefore means that he wasn't trying to tell us he how sinful he was before he met Christ, no! He is acknowledging that as a matter of now, even though in Christ, he is unrighteous. You know what that means? He was acknowledging to the fact that he is a sinner expecting the wrath of God if Christ had not showed him mercy. You see that? The Apostle  wasn't like some folks out there who can never accept their obvious weakness anymore, just because they know they have been saved and forgiven forever. As nice as that knowledge, it should not change the acknowledgement of your weaknesses. This is one reason why the Apostle Paul is one of my Greatest Mentors. His life was just the reflection of the Grace of GOD and how it should look like. - Selah

See the next verse;

'Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy...' - {KJV}

You see that? After acknowledging his weaknesses and sinful nature in the flesh in the previous verse, he then recognizes the place of God's Grace and Mercy in his life in the next verse. You see that? I love the testimony someone gave at one time, he said, 'I thank God, though I am a sinner and always with faults, yet GOD finds no fault in me because of Christ's Grace which perfected and gave me an everlasting forgiveness.' Hallelujah! What a testimony! But you know what? Some folks who are puffed up by too much knowledge, they wouldn't talk like that, instead they will go straight to say, I am Righteous and I cannot go to Hell, and they just end it there. They never give credit to the Grace of God for their salvation.

To give credit to something, is to acknowledge that the presence of that thing made you or gave you what you now possess. You see? It's like someone who was taught how to play the Piano by someone else, and never accepts he was taught when asked, but only says, I can play the Piano. Has he lied by saying I can play the Piano? No! Why? He can play it! But his not acknowledging the one who taught him will cost him certain vital things that has to do with life, things like; Trust,Relationship, and others to think about. You see?

So Beloved, as obedient children, lets like the Apostle Paul always give God's Grace the credit for our salvation. Always acknowledging that without HIS Grace upon us, we are yet in our sins. We must learn to talk it with our mouth audibly, and not just merely saying it with our hearts. Making such confessions of acknowledgment and credit to the Grace of GOD does one profound thing in you, It gives you PEACE. In-spite whatever weakness you might be currently faced with, when you vocalize that you are weak, sinful and messed up then acknowledge that you have been washed, and forever forgiven by God, and HE sees no fault in you, you'll find out that your sins and weaknesses loose their power to trouble the Peace of your Heart. - Selah

When you start giving credit to the Grace of God, that's when you experience the PEACE of HIS Grace. - Selah
God Bless You.
- Pastor Jenning Uweye


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