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'And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.' - John 10 vs 5

Hello Dearly Beloved in the LORD JESUS. I bring you a word from the LORD JESUS, yea, a timely word. Be Lifted as the Spirit of GOD gives you the Light of understanding. GOD Bless You.

The LORD JESUS said to me that the strangers voice has sent many into depression and heaviness, and this is because they lack the understanding of what I now share. Quickly, what is the strangers voice? Who is the stranger?. Firstly, the stranger is satan the devil, so the strangers voice is the voice of the devil. When a Believer makes mistakes that has to do with sin, there comes the stranger, speaking words of condemnation into the hearing of the Believer, down cast words, he comes to the Believer with the voice of accusation, and because probably the Believer has no solid understanding of this subject, He gets depressed, His heart becomes heavy. But what does the LORD says? Let's examine our opening scripture again;

'And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.' - John 10 vs 5 {KJV}

Notice the words, for they know not the voice of strangers. That means there is the voice of strangers, but they know it not. Now what is the LORD saying, HE is not saying they will not hear the voice of the stranger the devil, no that's not what HE says; HE is saying we don't give heed to the voice of strangers. Why? Because we know HIS voice. See verse 4 the previous verse;

'And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.' - John 10 vs 4 {KJV}

Did you see that? It says that they know HIS voice. Now someone might ask, what is HIS voice? How do I know HIS voice?. This is it, HIS voice is the written Word. - Selah. The voice of GOD is the written Word. The LORD JESUS showed it to us when HE was tempted by the devil, when the devil came tempting HIM with words just as he also speaks words to your hearing today; the devil even came very deceptive in that his words were backed by the very written Words of GOD. How deceptive! Now, if it were some of us, I think maybe some of us would have fell to that trap of the devil, but not JESUS! JESUS didn't care what the devil said though his Scriptural tendering were True; inasmuch as all the devil said to HIM did not agree with the rest of the scriptures, JESUS would not give heed to him! That's what the LORD meant in that portion where we read 'they know not the voice of strangers'. GOD'S word cannot contradict Itself, so long the devil delivered the Scriptures in a way that opposes the rest of the Scriptures, the LORD would not give heed to him! And that is what HE is saying to us today!

The devil says to you 'you sinner', yet you are at Peace unperturbed because you know the written Word (the Voice of GOD) which says 'Who shall lay anything to the charge of GOD'S Elect? It is GOD that justifieth.' - Romans 8 vs 33. Hallelujah! And by reason of your knowledge of GOD'S Word (GOD'S voice), the voice of the stranger is rendered ineffective. So you just know that all that voice of condemnation and accusation are noise of the devil.

What is GOD therefore saying? GOD is saying to us to get acquainted to the written Word, that's HIS Voice. When a Believer knows the voice of GOD (the written Word), He will not be moved by the voice of the stranger, the voice of the stranger the devil will have absolutely no effect on Him irrespective of His mistake or mistakes because He knows the Word, and the Word is on His side, the Word speaks His Redemption, the Word speaks His Justification, the Word speaks Forgiveness of His sins. - Selah

Be Lifted!

GOD Bless You.
- Jenning U. Angel

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