Wednesday, February 15, 2017


'He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself...' - 1 John 5 vs 10

Hello Dearly Beloved in the LORD JESUS and Highly Esteemed of GOD. I am convinced that the LORD is very good to you, you might say 'but I have sorrows'; that doesn't mean the LORD isn't with you, infact, HE is giving you an experience according to Romans 5 vs 3 - 4, that will Launch you into the full manifestation of HIS will and purposes for your life. Therefore endure the while, it's only but for a moment. GOD Bless You.

There are Believers walking on the face of the Earth currently, who are deeply not sure if they are saved, they aren't sure of their Salvation, they aren't so sure if they will make it, there's alot of doubts going on in their minds; and that has brought them into perpetual fear and pain, these are of a truth frustrated with life and wish it was the other way round. But you know what, the part I don't like is that fact that when you see these set of Believers, they look okay by face, facially they put on smiles and express laughter, and shout and dance, and merry and rejoice actually, but inside their hearts is a heavy battle they have no strength to overcome; battles of depression, battles of the fear of eternal damnation because they are not sure of their Salvation. Let's reason, what makes one who is in the LORD unsure and uncertain of His eternal place with the Precious LORD and Saviour JESUS? You know it? Now let me tell you.

By natural justification, none of us are actually qualified for the Kingdom of Heaven, so therefore naturally, it is only normal for a man to have indwelling fear of damnation, seeing that he is a failure as touching Righteousness. - Selah. Now our opening passage declares that any one who Believes in the LORD has the witness in himself. What is HE talking about? GOD is saying that anyone who Believes in the Name of JESUS, any one who looks unto JESUS for Salvation will in himself have the conviction that indeed he has been saved by the LORD. Uhmmm. This is the conviction that is grossly absent from the Hearts and minds of many Believers currently in this world, and I will show you the only one reason that makes that conviction missing in their hearts, and that one reason is 'Considering your multiple imperfections above the Abundance of Grace that is in Christ JESUS'. Yes. Having made grievous offences as a Christian, the devil helps us reflect our minds on our sins, and by so doing, our focus is taking of JESUS, thereby causing an uncertainty in our hearts concerning our Salvation. Remember Hebrews 12 vs 2, any thing that can get our eyes off JESUS, off HIS Grace, and off HIS Righteousness, has gotten HIS Peace and Assurance off our hearts. - Selah

Now see this, this is how to overcome that dilema, probably that's your current state;

'For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing...' - Romans 7 vs 18 {KJV}

Before you ever began to be a bad guy or girl, GOD already declared in HIS Word a mystery which is, in man dwells no good thing. One thing the Holy Spirit taught me personally at a point in my life is that none of my sins can ever be a big deal to GOD or a surprise; because before I was ever born into this world and started practicing sin, HE already knew there was nothing good in me, so HE'S not amazed at the worst of me. - Selah. Uhmmm. That's a Big Language I have just spoken there. - Selah. So the moment you realize that GOD already knows and has said it before you were even born that there's nothing good in the flesh (The natural state of man), you can take some ease with that, then you must quickly recognize this also;

'But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.' - 1 Corinthians 6 vs 17 {KJV}

Praise GOD! If you knew what this means, this is all the Peace you need in your Life for all Eternity! Do you know what it means to be one Spirit with the LORD? It means you are now one, one, one with the LORD, that means you are inseparable from GOD, you cannot be separated from GOD! Ooooo Boiii! Do you know what that means? It means you cannot be damned in hell, a Believer going to hell implies that JESUS HIMSELF will be in hell too. GOD Forbid! If a Believer going to hell, how is that possible? Did the LORD separate him from HIMSELF? That will mean that the LORD has divided HIMSELF, GOD forbid! It says one spirit! In other words, we and the LORD are now one inseparable personality. Ooo I feel terrible tonight, this is Amazing. Thank you JESUS. Now why did GOD lavish such a Grace? If I call this Grace an Abundant Grace, that description will still not be perfect enough to describe it; what I can say is 'what a Grace'. Hallelujah! Now why did GOD lavish such a Grace on us? What is HE saying to us with such a Grace as this that HE has given to us? HE is saying swiftly to us that there's no sin that can surface in our lives that exceeds the covering of HIS Grace over our Lives. Uhmmmm; there's no capacity of sin or offence that we do against all that is called GOD that is grievous enough to undo what HE has done! Brother, it is done! Sister, it's done! Live in Peace today and be sure that JESUS Loves you and HE has saved you.

GOD has Blessed you.
- Jenning U. Angel


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