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'And those he predestinated, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.’ – Romans 8 vs 30

Hello Dearly Beloved in the Lord Jesus Christ, be lifted by the Word of GOD coming to you now at this moment. AMEN.

Firstly, it’s important as children of GOD to know that all that we are in Christ and all that we have received in Christ are only a reality in the realm of faith, and can cause great effects to our hearts and minds if we receive them in faith. Little wonder the scripture says that the Just shall live by faith. {Romans 1 vs 18}

Our opening scripture embeds a powerful Truth, which is evidently revealed when read from the Amplified Bible Translation;

‘And those whom He predestinated, He also called; and those whom He called, He also justified [declared free of the guilt of sin]; and those whom He justified, He also glorified [raising them to a heavenly dignity].’

Waow. Did you just see what you read? It says that those who GOD called, in other words, those who Believe. Remember the words of JESUS in John 6 vs 65 that no one comes to HIM except the Father draws/calls him. That’s the case here as used in this scripture. Those HE called simply mean those who have come to HIM, those who believe in HIM. Now those who believes in HIM it says HE justified them, and it went further to explain what that justification is, it says that HE declared them free from the guilt of sin. Waow! In other words, they are not guilty of sin. – Selah. But one may ask, Apostle, he committed the sin obviously! Yea, you say that he did, but GOD says that he isn’t guilty. In other words, he did no sin, he made no offense, simply because of HIS Son JESUS.

Beloved child of GOD, this is the Faith you must have. Now consider this example; imagine a child who has just excreted on the floor somewhere in the house and someone may be the mother comes and clean up the child. If one wanna describe that, he might say, the baby polluted the place, but he is cleaned up now. But that’s not the story of the Believers, our story according to that Scripture is; we never messed up, we never sinned, we were never in a fault! Ooo He declared us not guilty of sin. Ooo do you understand? – Selah. You know, these are one of those scriptures that one receives and simply walks out of guilt, or depression as a result of condemnation. You see, GOD did not only forgive us of our sins but also declared us free from the guilt of sin, making it impossible for sin to have a hold or claims on us. Hallelujah!

Maybe the devil is playing some games in your mind currently by telling you, you obviously sinned, how could you not be guilty? This is what you should know to come out of that trauma; ‘If you would never sin, GOD shouldn’t have had any need to justify you and declare you not guilty! HE did that as a favor to us who are laden in sins so we could be free.’ Question, can a righteous man be justified? Can one who is not naturally guilty be said to be favored by declaring him not guilty? No. So when the devil says all that to you, recognize this and be at rest. Yes you obviously sinned, yes you are guilty, but HE declared you not guilty, therefore, there is no sin in your life. If there is no sin in you, there should be no feeling of guilt! – Selah. So if GOD so favored a sinner, that means his sins are not new to GOD neither do they surprise him.

Know this day that you are GOD’s perfect man and be Lifted! JESUS Blood gave that to you. Therefore focus no longer on yourself because you will continually see your flaws, faults, weaknesses and sins. Rather, focus on the Master’s love for you where you will continually see how forgiven you are and how perfect HE has made you.

GOD Bless You. 
- Jenning U. Angel

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