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'And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.' - Revelations 19 vs 13

Hello Beloved, this message is set to expose to your mind on what it actually means to talk or act in the name of Jesus. Open your mind to this teaching as it comes in simplicity. God Bless You.

Dearly Beloved, there has been a lot of misconception about the name of Jesus for a very long time, so many have been made to believe or understand that to use the name of Jesus is to say, 'In the name of Jesus' before action is made. But is that really it? - Selah

Now let's consider our opening scripture, it says the Name of Jesus is called The Word of God. Waow. Can you see that? What are we getting from this? This therefore means that, to use the name of Jesus, is to use the word of God. In other words, to speak in the name of Jesus, is to speak in line with the Word of God, to act in the name of Jesus is to act in accordance with the Word of God. Uhmmm. Let's examine Colossians 3 vs 17;

'And whatsoever ye do in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.' {KJV}

Now, with this scripture, if we are to go by the notion that using the name of Jesus is calling the name out, then can you say when one wanna go to the market, he has to say, 'In the name of Jesus I go to the market?' Wouldn't he be deemed crazy? O yea. You see, you don't say 'In the name of Jesus I drive.' O no. That would be wrong. You see, that proves to us, that such a concept of using the name of Jesus is wrong, and totally wrong

So we can clearly see from our opening scripture, that to use the name of Jesus, is to act or speak in accordance with what HIS Word has said. That's it.

For example, if Bill Gates sent me on an errand, and said to me, 'Go to that supermarket, tell the manager I said he should give you some candies.' Now, I will go to the supermarket he has sent me to, and say to the manager, 'Bill Gates said you should give me some candies.' And the manager is gonna get a confirmation from him, then give it to me. Now notice, Bill Gates did not go there himself, I went. But I went in his name. Do you get it? I went with his word, and I got the result, the candies. You see? That's what it means when we speak or do things in accordance with the God's Word, we are unleashing the ever trusted name of Jesus. His name is the word of God. - Selah

Now, let's see this the other way. If I go to that manager and say to him, 'The begger by the street said you should give me some candies.' O my God, the manager might just call 911 on me. Why? That beggar folk gats no AUTHORITY, he's nobody, hence, his words cannot be honoured. Uhmmm. You see? The status of the personality that dispensed the word is what determines if that word is gonna be honoured or not. That's why the manager gave me the candies when Bill Gates sent me with his words. You see? - Selah

Now, when you get to know the personality of Jesus, who HE is, and what HE is, you will be so glad to speak HIS word over every circumstances of your life, because all of creation hears HIS voice. Hallelujah!!! Even the WIND and the SEA obey Him! {Mark 4 vs 41}. Glory!

Therefore, the next time that ache attacks your head or whatever sickness it may be, you authorize the name of Jesus upon it. How? You say to your body, 'Body, hear the word of the Lord, by HIS stripes, I were healed, therefore, comply!' O my Gad! When you talk like that over your body, when you tell your body these words just in accordance with the scriptures, I am telling you, it will comply to THE INFALLIBLE WORD OF GOD. Amen, Glory to God. This is how to use the name of Jesus, and not a mere pronouncement of it.

This is it!

God Bless You.
- Pastor Jenning Uweye

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