Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Who goeth a warfare any time at his own charges…?’ – 1 Corinthians 9 vs 7

Hello, this is a very interesting and thoughtful topic I am talking about today. This topic is beneficial to ever Christian, but it is very beneficial to the Ministers and Pastors all over the world.

In our ministries today and churches, this understanding has long been lacking, and the Spirit of the Lord has taught me to teach you on this very vital topic. As the opening scripture has said, it’s a true saying, no soldier goeth to war at his own expense; the expenses required for him to war is taking care of by the government, so are we who are ministers of God. The Bible depicts to us in the Book of 2 Timothy 2 vs 3, that we are soldiers, soldiers of Jesus Christ. Jesus is our commanding officer; he sent us out to war in accordance with the Book of Mark 16 vs 15, ‘Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.’ That was the order given us by Jesus our commander, so we have been sent to war, the war of the preaching of the gospel. Just as in physical wars, money is needed to ensure the war progresses, so it is for us who preach the gospel; it takes money to move the gospel of Jesus Christ from point A to B.

Now that we know that it takes money to move the gospel from place to place, who then is responsible for the charge(s)? Who is responsible for the bills? Who is responsible for the payment(s)? Him (Jesus) or Us? That’s the reason for this Article, to add springs to the steps of Ministers of the Gospel all around the world.
A Dear Man of God, the late Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa once said, he preaches, while Jesus pays the bills. How true? So true! Jesus indeed who has sent us is responsible for the bills we need to spread this gospel. Remember, in John 20 vs 21, Jesus said, ‘…as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.’ You see, the same way God sent Jesus into the world to preach, and was responsible for His bills, likewise, Jesus has sent us, and is responsible for our Bills.

Now, let’s see examples of how God was responsible for the charge and expenses of the Ministry of Jesus Christ while He was still on the earth.

1.      Remember the story, how that Jesus wanted to teach a crowd of people, but lacked space to do that (A venue capacity), how did God provide for that, He freely gave him the ship of another man called Simon Peter, and His crusade was successful. ReferenceLuke 5 vs 3

2.      Remember in the Book of John chapter 6, how Jesus fed the five thousand men, woman and children not counted. This is likening to us today, as Ministers, we have so much to be done, but little resources and we put in efforts as though the work was ours. No stop taking the ministry as though it was an ambition. No, the ministry is God’s. Depend on God, the source of your funds, stop looking on men to sponsor a church project; no, that is belittling. Haggai 2 vs 8 tells us that the silver and the gold belongs to God. If it truly belongs to God, who has sent you in Christ Jesus, then depend on him for your funding. Let’s see what the Bible tells us in John 6 vs 6, ‘…for He (Jesus) himself knew what He would do’ The question to you Pastor or Leader reading this post now is this, when you are in need of money for a huge project in Church, do you know what you ought to do? Verse 11 of the same Chapter 6 lets us know what Jesus did; the Bible says, ‘He gave thanks’. You see, Jesus did not go asking or begging someone for money to buy bread and fish, he did not extort members as some Pastors think they can only get this done through the offerings and tithes and seeds; no and a thousand times no!!! When you are stocked and you need some funds, connect to God who is your everlasting source. Talk to Him, and believe he has heard you – Mark 11 vs 24, then watch out how the miracle takes place, HE will give you the exact wisdom you need to go about it. - Selah

3.      What about the occurrence when Jesus and His disciples needed money to pay for their tax, as we also ministers do pay for taxes and bills, Jesus did not deep his hand into the treasury to take money, like some pastors will do today, but Jesus connected to the Father who was His eternal supply, and a miracle was worked, money appeared in the mouth of a fish. – Matthew 17 vs 27

Pastors, don’t believe in Men for your Ministry but depend on Jesus who sent you; He will pay the bills and you will do the work!
God Bless You. 
Pastor Jenning Uweye


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