Wednesday, March 29, 2017


'It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.' - Psalm 127 vs 2

Hello Greatly Beloved and Esteemed of GOD. Be lifted and set at Rest by this piece of edification.

Our opening passage says that GOD gives HIS Beloved sleep. Who are HIS Beloved? Obviously that passage was speaking of those GOD Loves, HIS People, HIS Children, of which we are. So therefore, what does it mean for GOD to give one sleep? We've heard cases of people, sadly Believers who have horrors in their sleep, many have come to the point where they are even afraid to close their eyes to sleep because of the thickness of their fears; many experience terrible and horrible things at night, and have sought solutions to these mares to no avail. But it's funny to know that the answer is in having knowledge of the Fact that GOD gives HIS Beloved ones sleep. O are you a Believer? GOD gives you sleep. Know from this day that when you feel sleepy, it's GOD giving you sleep. Many people say that the enemies have fired an arrow to them that's why they feel sleepy every where and at awkward times. But the day you realize that GOD is the one responsible for your sleep, your life takes a new shape, all those sufferings come to an end; as GOD will not give you sleep in the examination hall, HE wants you to write your exams and come out with flying colors; GOD will not give you sleep in the market place, HE doesn't want you looking like a sluggard and a slothful person. You see, when you realize this about GOD, you will experience a blissful time. GOD cannot give you sleep and allow oppression in sleep; didn't the WORD say that the Blessings of GOD makes Rich and adds no sorrow to it? {Proverbs 10 vs 22}. - Selah

Therefore, when GOD gives you sleep, every good thing that concerns sleep goes with it, Interesting Dreams, life changing Revelations; Prophetic Dreams, Fun-full Dreams which makes you wake up laughing and smiling: I Prophesy, this shall be your experience by reason of this WORD in JESUS Name.

GOD told me very evidently tonight and put me under intense pressure to publish this exhortation this same night. Doubtlessly, HE has planned someone's change of story by reason of this WORD, and that person is you in JESUS Name. AMEN. GOD wants you to know that HE Loves you, and can never be against you.

GOD has Blessed you.
- Jenning U. Angel


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    1. Ooo Glory to GOD. Hallelujah! All Thanks to JESUS. Thank you JESUS.💕🌹

      Enjoy your Testimony Beloved. GOD Bless You.💕


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