Tuesday, January 31, 2017


'But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light' - 1 Peter 2 vs 9

Hello Dearly Beloved. It's a great Joy and privilege to bring to you the Word of the LORD. Be Blessed and Lifted!

There are many Believers who are engaged in what they call 'Heavenly Race'. All they do and keep doing is running a Heavenly race for the sole purpose of making Heaven, so they are occupied with all of that, and all of that leads to self righteousness; as they think that their uprightness will qualify them in that so called Heavenly race of theirs. But you know something, we have passed running Heavenly Race. As a Believer, your place in Heaven, JESUS has secured already. JESUS is our Righteousness the Bible declares in Jeremiah 33 vs 16. If that be so, it must means that we are as qualified before GOD as JESUS is. Isn't that simple? So we know within ourselves by reason of Revelation that we are already qualified, our eternity is already secured. So what are we doing here? That's the Revelation our opening unveils to us. It says that we are called to show forth HIS Praises. O Hallelujah! We are not called to get a victory into Heaven because HE already won the victory for us and gave us the Trophy of HIS Victory. So we have the Trophy of victory, though we didn't run the race, HE ran it, but gave us the Trophy of HIS victory which makes us the owners of the Victory. Glory! So we have the Trophy we didn't work for, we got the Trophy for a race we didn't run. You see? That's why it's called Grace. So therefore, this Awesome Grace empowers us, excites us unto showing forth the varieties of the Kingdom. I love to do Righteousness, I love Righteousness, I love decency and order, I love to express Love, I love to do HIS Will. Why? Not because I am running a Heavenly Race, no, I know Heaven is my Home and I am assured of it, even my conscience bears me witness of that; but we Live such because we Love the Kingdom Life. You see? I just love the Kingdom Life, and I love to live it. You see, it's not because I want some qualification before GOD, but because I love the Kingdom and the Life. - Selah

In the Greek, the word Praise as used in that Scripture is interpreted arete. And 'arete' means {Excellence, Virtue, good quality}. You see, by reason  of knowledge that our eternity with the LORD has been settled, we receive Liberty from GOD to begin the Practice of the Kingdom Life. 'Called' as used there speaks of Justification. In other words, it says that we are Justified to manifest HIS Characters. Uhmm. In the old testament, they needed to do to become, but in the New, we become to do. The difference between the doing in the old and in the New is that in the old, their becoming was depended on their doing, but in the New, we already became. So why do? Displaying GOD'S Virtue is an evident token of our Love for JESUS. You can't love someone naturally and not desire to do the things that HE loves. - Selah. A business was brought to me sometime back, it looked profitable, but I rejected it. Why? The Business wasn't in alignment with GOD'S Perfect will. Any other Believer might not see anything wrong in it, but by reason of Knowledge of GOD'S Word, I knew it wasn't in accordance with GOD'S Perfect will, therefore I dropped it. So was I been too Righteous? No that, it's simply my delight to Practice Kingdom Life. I don't live right to be seen as right before GOD, but simply because that's the way we roll in our Kingdom. You see? So I am at Liberty to practice Righteousness, to practice Love, to practice the Supernatural, to practice Purity, to Practice Style, to Practice Excellence. When I fail in my practice, neither am I guilty or held in guilt, because I wasn't living the Life to earn GOD'S acceptance in the first place. I already know I am accepted by GOD because of JESUS; so that empowers me to get up and continue the parade of the Kingdom Life. O Hallelujah! It's by this Revelation we master Righteousness here on Earth.

GOD Bless You.
- Jenning U. Angel

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  1. Thank you for this inspiring piece of message. I was renewed in my mind. Thanks a million.


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