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‘And have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word’s sake, immediately they are offended.’ – Mark 4 vs 17

Dearly Beloved, this is a word of exhortation to you, to earnestly stir up your faith in order to begin to harvest the expected results of the word of God. God Bless You.

From our opening scripture, we see the awesome word of God. The above is the parable of the sower who went out to sow seeds. The above scripture is the case of the seed that fell on stony grounds. He says, such are they that heard the word, and received it with Gladness, but when troubles, afflictions arose because of the word’s sake, they fell off. Now notice what the Lord said, He said when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word’s sake. That tells me that afflictions or troubles don’t come to me of themselves, but they come because of the presence of the word in my life. Waow. That tells us that troubles don’t show up in our lives by their own abilities, no, but because of the word we have received in us. The word we receive into her hearts attracts affliction, attracts troubles in the direction of the word we heard.

Sicknesses, afflictions, diseases, ailments, trying times don’t come to us because they can overshadow us, they don’t come to us because they can conquer us, no. But they come to us because of the word we have received in their direction already. – Selah. When you received the word of Divine Health, and you were glad about it and inspired, you ought to be prepared for the day when an ailment will try your faith, you ought to be prepared for it, because it is sure to come. You may say what? Yea, didn’t you read what the Lord said above? He said when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word’s sake. You see it?

So we don’t faint when afflictions arise in our lives, no. We don’t faint when we pass through trying times, no. We don’t faint when the Doctor says it is Cancer, no. We don’t faint when the Doctor says ‘you have 210 days left to live’. No no no, we don’t faint. But that is the time when we show to the devil that indeed the word is in us, and it abides in us irrespective of what comes. You see? When you come to understand that the word you have received is the reason why those challenges come to you, you would be at rest, and confidently stand your grounds on that same word refusing to waver in it, and at the end, your Faith will triumph.

‘And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred.’ – Mark 4 vs 20 {KJV}

This speaks of that fellow that receives the word of God on any subject, and when trials or afflictions come to him in the direction of the word heard, he holds on to the word in him, enduring for a while, then he is free. That’s what the Lord explains as ‘they brought forth fruit, some thirty fold, some sixty, some hundred. All that speaks of RESULTS of Persistence in Faith. – Selah

Maybe you received the word concerning divine heath, then comes Cancer threatening your body; just know that that Cancer came as a result of that word on divine health you received. Therefore, having understood that, stand your ground on that word refusing to be offended (doubt), but be persistent on it, and it will surely yield fruits of Health. Glory to God.

I have spoken these to you in the direction of Health because that’s the direction I was led to talk on by the Spirit of God. But it is the same in every other area of your life you are challenged in. Just know that that challenge came to you as a result of the word of God you have received in that direction. You may say, but Pastor Jenning, unbelievers who don’t live by God’s word also have challenges and trials in their lives, why then did it come? My answer to you is, they are different from us. They are in darkness, so by right, darkness is their entitlement. But we are in the Light; hence, the Rules that govern us are different from the rules that govern them. For us, dark situations are a testing of our faith in the word which we have received; but for them, dark situations are their normal and natural inheritance. Understood?

In times of affliction my Beloved, stand on the word you've got in your spirit and never let go of it. The more the pain increase, the more your faith in that word should abound (Increase), for the LORD Himself has assured us already of fruits (Victory).

God Bless You.
- Pastor Jenning Uweye

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