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'And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.' - Colossians 2 vs 15

My Dear, I am so excited to bring you this word of God. Just read, enjoy the excitement, and be Blessed.

You know, our opening scripture is so exciting. It talks about what Jesus did when He descended to Hell after His death, it says, having spoiled principalities and powers. Beloved, I want you to know that when Jesus descended to Hell from the Cross after His death, He dis-armed the devil and all his co-hots of their stolen rights and abilities over man . The word 'Spoil' means to 'Dis-arm', to 'Obtain Loots' as a result of victory in battle. For example, in the Bible days, when any nation won in a battle, they spoiled that nation; meaning, they dis-arm the defeated nation of their good (Money, Cattle, and even their Woman as the case may be). Now, that's what Jesus did to the devil when He defeated Him on the Cross of Calvary, He descended to Hell and obtained the spoils of His victory, thereby leaving the devil powerless and effective. O Hallelujah!

But you see, many Christians have not understood this, hence they suffer from the devil as a result of their ignorance of his emptiness and powerlessness over the children of Jesus Christ (God). - Selah. For example, maybe you are a Christian, but the devil keeps bringing terrible dreams to you, were you saw yourself dead, or were your son-ship in Christ was greatly challenged, or you just keep seeing bad and terrible dreams which are contrary to what you have believed in the Word. What do you do in such a case? Now, you have to first recognize that the devil is very deceitful and cunning, he simply play his games on the minds of the ignorant. - Selah. Such times are not times to begin to cry, or freight, or pray deliverance prayers as some Christians are made to believe (to their shame), but those are times to look the devil in the eye and tell him who he is. That's all. That's the time to remind the devil that Jesus spoiled him of all his powers and abilities to hurt or harm you, those are times to remind the devil of his shameful parade of loss. That's not the time to be afraid or seek deliverance from one minister or the other, no. That's the time to activate the written word. - Selah

Maybe an herbalist or one possessed with demons puts a threat on your life, or places a curse on you, my dear; don't be afraid! That's the time to laugh at that person's ignorance. You know why I said so? If that herbalist had knowledge of himself, he could have known that he had not the power to harm God's kids not even the devil his boss. So at such points, laugh, I didn't say pray for safety, no; but laugh! Why the laughter? Because your Faith is firm upon the Word 'having spoiled principalities and powers'. You see? That word becomes your defense, that word becomes your refuge, and His word is true. O Hallelujah!

Now Jesus said something very heart-warming in St. John's Gospel Chapter John 16 Verse 33;

'These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.' {KJV}

What a statement. - Selah. Tribulation speaks of 'Troubles'. Jesus already informed us that we would have troubles in this world, and trouble comes from no other but the devil. So we are already aware of that. But it is important to note this, the devil has only one way of getting us, and that simple way is to get our eyes from the word, to rip-off our Faith. Therefore, the devil brings attacks to us, he brings trials to us, he brings us words of fear and doubts, simply for the purpose of getting our mind twisted and drifted away from the word, and under that condition, we are exposed to his attacks.

Maybe the devil brings a sickness, or a disease to you. That sickness or that disease has not come to kill you, the original purpose of affliction in the body of a Christian is to test the solidity of his Faith in the Word of Healing. You see?

When it dawns on you that Satan has been dis-armed of all his powers and abilities to harm you, you consider all your trials and challenges as 'Unreal', hence, you walk in PEACE. - Selah. You see?

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace

The scriptures are given us so we can walk in Peace and not anxiety. After having these beautiful scriptures which gives us divine hopes of life here present and life to come, we shouldn't continue to walk in doubts and fear, no. Instead, we should walk in assurance. No matter what the devil says to you or shows you in your dream about yourself, none of it should make you fear, not even a bit. Why? Because the knowledge of his been disarmed and rendered powerless/empty by Jesus Christ has greatly dawned in your spirit, hence, you are not afraid neither moved because you now know that non of his tricks can ever work on you now and forevermore. O Hallelujah!

God Bless You.
- Pastor Jenning Uweye

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