'There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth...' - Proverbs 11 vs 24

Hello dearly beloved, this is a brief Revelation on Increase, it's a secret the Holy-Spirit taught me on how to always have. Without doubts in my heart, I know that if this word gets into your heart, and you begin to act on it, your status will literally change from lack to always having. AMEN. 

As our opening scripture has said, there is he that scattereth. The word SCATTER means to distribute loosely, to distribute without firm considerations. The Lord by His Spirit was telling me that people who scatter their resources, who give without thinking, those who give carelessly truly don't loose! He said, anyone who scatters his resources on people are not at loss!

And our opening scripture tells us he that scatters increaseth. This is the reason many unbelievers who are Philanthropists prosper because they act on this principle of SCATTERING, and in return, it comes back to them in good measures! {Luke 6 vs 38}

Child of God, develop and cultivate this lifestyle, to spend your resources, your money on people beyond measures. Let this life style master you.

'He who has mastered to scatter, has also mastered to always receive.' - Jenning

Many Christians are broke because when they hear of spending, or giving, or sowing seeds, they feel cheated or they feel someone is trying to make merchandise of them. The richest men in the world today are not Christians, but check out their profile, you'll find out that they own charity homes, help foundations, and so on, and they pump in millions of dollars into these organizations. That is the SCATTERING PRINCIPLE. If they fulfilled the part to scatter, then the part of increase will doubtlessly follow. That's why they get richer by the day.


Scatter relentlessly today, and experience supernatural increase.

God Bless You.
- Pastor Jenning Uweye

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